Saturday, 29 September 2012

5 months after surgery

Hi everyone!

I've waited to heal as much as I could before posting the 'after' pictures, but here we go, the result after 5 months of recovery. I'm pleased with the results, even if my breast have  not maintained their size and are only marginally bigger than before. Regardless, I've gone through an internal boost of my body image and I feel good about my new shape. Even if I'm still an A cup, I have pretty much stopped wearing padded bras (so much more comfortable!) and I am wearing figure hugging clothing with a lot more confidence.

I was planning a third surgery to do my tummy and front of thighs with another transfer to the breasts, but something got in the way and I've put that on hold for now. I might re-visit that idea in the future, but for now I'm happy with what's been achieved so far.

The little scars that are dotted around my body will fade more over time, no one has mentioned them when they've been exposed over the summer, and in a year I'm sure they will be barely noticeable for me too. 

Front and side, 5 months in

Back and side, 5 months after

Small scars on knees, hips and breasts
Here is a side by side of front and back, I think the result is really good even if I still have small breasts, still have cellulite, and still have the little scars all over. I'm pleased with it and I hope you've found the blog interesting, and that it has been of some help in your own process. Thanks for reading!
Before and After, 5 months on


  1. Hi there... Thank you for writing your blog and posting photos - it's been really useful! I am approximately your size/shape (pre-surgery) and have had a consultation with Dr Wolf at the Private Clinic. He uses VaserLipo which I've read on other forums destroys fat cells... is this why Dr Gupta uses MicroLipo? Also, have you experienced any change in the texture of your breasts and thighs post-op- lumps/dimples/bumps etc? Thank you!

  2. Hi!
    i don't know too much about Vaser as it was never an option much discussed, but I know Dr. Comins also performs that technique. If you are curious, ask to have a chat with Dr. Gupta about his reasons for preferring Micro. I have no complaints, there are no lumps anywhere and the bumps and dimples I may have are much the same as they were before the surgery, no better or worse in the areas treated.

  3. Hi Grace, How are you? Still happy with the results? I want to do the same operation but very afraid of the liposuction on the legs. Will the swelling go away quikly?
    Thanks for the answer!

  4. Still Happy! Boobs have gone back to their old size, but it's ok. Legs I'm happy with, much more comfortable being naked or in tight clothing now!
    Hard to say how fast the swelling will go as I did two procedures after each other and that of course stressed the tissue out more, and I bruised badly as well. The bruising was worse than the swelling for me. I just wore loose long skirts and dresses for a couple of weeks, while I had padding and compression garments underneath. After that it was good!


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