Sunday, 6 May 2012

Days 3-11 after inner thighs and knees

Healing after this surgery has taken much longer and been much more uncomfortable than after the first one. As you can see from the pictures, within the first few days I developed some fairly epic bruising (so much for Arnica!), which spread with a green hue down my shins into a black and blue pool at my ankles making it all feel a bit tender and look very messy. Long skirts and dresses have been purchased, just in case spring does arrive at some point this year.

The adits on my right leg stopped leaking on Day 4, while the left one kept going strong till Day 7 meaning I had to buy in some extra bandages. The swelling didn't start going down till Day 9, and is still today at 11 days post-op, very uncomfortable and painful to manage with. I really hope it goes down a lot more, and fast, as my skin feels very hard in places and it's very very tight. I struggle to walk in normal strides, lift and bend my knees, move my legs apart, bend forwards etc without feeling like it's tearing off from my muscles. Going from sitting or lying to standing is very stiff and sore. The incision sites are very noticeable to the touch, like little hard lumps, and I'm still more comfortable in the compression garment, since it feels like it holds my skin onto my bones a bit more!

Before the surgeries I thought about whether my skin would feel 'loose' afterwards, or if it would contract nicely. I hoped for the latter as I'm still young and I've never been a yo-yo dieter which might have led to the skin being less elastic. The other worry would be that the channels beneath my skin would make it look as if I had more cellulite, and that in gaining a less bulgy profile overall I'd lose on smoothness of the skin.

I spoke to Dr. Gupta about some of this as he was working on me, and he explained that the reason why he goes deep with the cannulas is specifically to pull fat from as close to the muscle as possible, leaving a smoothing layer of fat just under the surface of the skin. From what I can see so far I'm not quite getting away with it. Looking in the mirror and at pictures, plus the feeling when I run my hands over them, my thighs are going to be and look lumpier. My hope is that it's still early days, and that over time things will become a bit smoother, but I have to make peace with the fact that that they might not. I just hope it's still swelling, and not scar tissue forming under my skin.

In other disheartening news, my chest have gone from measuring 85cm pre-op, to 90cm immediately post-op, 88cm at their Day 9, and now at Day 20: 85cm again. They do still look a little bit bigger than before, being a bit fuller and rounder if not projecting outwards as much, but the increase in size is definitely less than I had hoped. Not quite sure how else to feel about that, other than crossing fingers I might have a last chance top 'top up' at a later stage. 

So here is the picture update so far, it's Day 18 for outer thighs and while mostly faded you can still see shadows of the bruises, while all the adits are still very red.
Bruising on inner thighs and knees, Day 4.

Inner thighs Day 9

Detail of knees Day 9
Ankles Day 9

Day 18 outer thighs, Day 9 inner thighs and knees

Day 18 outer thighs, Day 9 inner thighs and knees


  1. Please can we have an update? hope its all going well for you :) x

  2. Hi Grace, thank you for doing this blog I think its very helpful - I like the sound of this procedure and your pictures look good - but i cant see any before pictures- did you take any? and did you get a great difference?
    also can i be really cheaky andask how much it cost? i keep searching for info on the internet but its hard to find... thanks so much for your help x J

  3. Hi Grace, it has been a while since you last post. How is everything going?

    I have been considering this procedure for several months now and have found your blog extremely informative.

    Have you breast maintained their size?

  4. Hi!

    Apologies, I've gone traveling for a bit and haven't been updating, but I will get around to it in a week or so!

    Briefly; all is well. Swelling is subsiding on the thighs while knees are still a bit puffy. Bruising is all but gone, leaving just a faint shadow behind. Adits are still red but getting softer.There is some tenderness to the areas but it's not constantly noticeable. Breasts have not shrunk further so are still modestly bigger than they were, just enough to where I haven't worn a padded bra since the op and I feel really good about it even in tight tees!

    Will do a round of pictures soon, the 'before' set are in the very first post:

    Cost wise I have spent £10.000. It's a lot, but I made the call that it was worth it.

    Thanks guys!

  5. Hi Grace! Just wondering if you have an update now that it's been a few months. I've been following this blog and would love to know how the longer term results have been for you!

  6. Hi Grace,
    Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us. I think I have the same problem with your : the pear shape . My top is size 8 and my bottom is normally size 10 ( sometimes with brands like topshop, I have to wear size 12 ekkkk). I considering a liposuction for the bottom part ( inner ,outer thighs and the calves as well) and the boob job ( fat transfer or normal implant). However, when I met Dr Gupta, he refused to do the calves for me as he said ' the calves contained a lot of muscle and it's not worth it' and his nurse quoted me £6800 for the inner thigh and outer thigh only.
    Now it's been 4 months since your surgery , how do you feel, are your thighs and hips now completely healed ? Are there any bruise or scar left ?
    Also, do your breasts remain the same size as after the surgery ? I've read research about the fat transfer breast augmentation, and they stated out that the fat will be reabsorbed about 30%, and the permanent result in be seen after 3 months. How does your breasts now look like ? Are they B cup or a Fuller A cup ? Sorry for these questions, but because my breasts are very small ( I think it's a AA), so if the transfer will only make me an A, I might consider to do the normal implant.
    I'm sorry for asking a lot of question. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you very much xxxx

  7. Hi grace do you have any follow up pictures? Thanks.

  8. Have the incision points gone down? I am considering microlipo for my neck and wondered how noticeable they are? thanks.


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