Friday, 27 April 2012

Picture update on thighs and knees!

So it's been 11 days since I did my outer thighs and hips, and 2 days since inner thighs and knees.
Taking the bandages off this morning I'd expelled a bit more fluid, but as you might see in the pictures gravity is still pushing some out of the lower adits, and the areas are so swollen still I struggle to see much of a difference yet. The one obvious place would be at the very top of my thighs, those two little pillows of fat are clearly reduced. It bodes well for the rest, I'm sure everything will settle down nicely and over the weekend I should start seeing a better result. The new bruising is not too bad, and the massive old bruising is fading bit by bit. It's still going to be opaque tights for a while forward but since the London weather hardly encourages bare-legged frolicking in the park yet, I'm happy to hide my pins from view for a bit longer.

Everything is quite sore to the touch but walking is a bit easier, I can scale the stairs one step at a time today instead of double stepping it like a toddler! The plan for today is to just keep moving, keep fluids draining and get ready for a weekend of hitting cafes with friends that I haven't seen much through all this. I'll keep updates and pictures coming as I heal, in the meantime feel free to ask me anything!

Inner knees day 2

Inner knees day 2, still leaking

Inner thighs and knees day 2

11 days outer thighs, 2 days inner thighs and knees

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