Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day 6 picture update

Another round of pictures this morning to document progress! All the adits are healing nicely, most of the scabs on the breast have started coming off on their own. In the pictures you can still see the red marks that the first first aid tape I used to make replacement band aids for these adits caused. It looks worse than it is, but they're peeling now as expected and with moisturizing and exfoliation they'll fade away. The thigh adits, which are generally a bit larger in size, will need a bit more time to fully heal, and at this point I do I expect them to leave a few noticeable scars. I might pick up some scar reduction serum, gel or cream in preparation for this! I'm still sore around thighs and lovehandles, and bruising seems to be appearing in new areas, like behind and on my knees and faintly down my shins. No puncture sites were made in these areas in surgery, so it must just be my body reacting to the general trauma and the compression garment manipulating blood flow.

I'm not sure whether my skin will process the bruising better with or without the compression garment, so today I opted for an in between- I put on a pair of Spanx that are keeping me quite tight without adding as much bulk or restricting movement as much as the surgery provided garment does. I've used generous amounts of arnica cream for the last couple of days, and I'm happy that I've gone from blue/purple to slightly more yellow/green versions. I have about three weeks till I'd like all marks to have faded, including the bruises I'll incur when I do inner thighs and knees on Wednesday.

I'm fairly pleased with the results, I feel like there is still some swelling on the lovehandles and thighs, while my breasts might have come down to where they'll more or less stay. I'm happy with their size and don't really mind that they're still a bit 'cockeyed'! I might go a tiny bit bigger in a few months but I think my frame is small enough to where even a modest B cup looks nice. So far so good!

Day 6

Day 6

Day 6 upper body

Day 6 lower body

Day 6 lower body

Day 6 bruises and adits on thighs

Day 6 adits on thighs and breasts

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