Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 9, and the morning before MicroLipo on inner thighs and knees!

In this window between old swelling subsiding and more swelling being created, I thought I'd do my measurements again. I'm not really chasing any specific numbers for my end result, I'd just like the general bellybutton-down-area to be less, and the bellybutton-up-area to be a bit more! Actually, I'd like the 'on the pantyline' and 'widest part of buttocks' measurements to remain much the same, since I'm mostly trying to create an effect where the widest part of my body is no longer below my darling ample behind!

I'm almost surprised the numbers have changed so little considering I think I visually look very different now, but everything is up or down in a good direction! I'm not entirely sure why my waist is getting smaller, perhaps it's the fact that the compression garment is keeping me so tight I can't seem to manage big meals. Instead I'm eating smaller but more often, thus kicking my metabolic rate up a notch? Perhaps there is still swelling to go down too, it's a little hard to tell but I'm going to wait and not measure myself again for at least a week. For the record, I still weigh 57 kg so there is no weightloss, just a shape change!

Measurements day 9, first measurements in parentheses

I started taking the arnica 30c on Monday and I hope that'll set me up for a less bruised next few days, but I must say I'm pretty impressed with just the cream too. I also have some witch hazel astringent that I apply before the arnica cream, and some witch hazel gel that I might try soon. Perhaps if I get some new symmetrical bruises today I'll treat one leg with arnica cream and one with witch hazel gel, and see which one clears up first! I normally bruise like a peach anyway, so I'm grateful for all remedies. That said, I haven't resorted to some of the other cures for bruises I've found online, like crushed parsley, melted chocolate (although that sounds fun!) and live leeches!

Right, off to the Knightsbridge surgery again, I'll try to sneak my camera in today and get some snaps!

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