Saturday, 21 April 2012

Days 1-4 after surgery

Tuesday morning and Day 1 after surgery, the day most people will warn you is the worst one when it comes to pain and soreness. I wasn't really in too much pain except for when I went to get up or to lie down. When walking around or lying on the sofa I felt fine, a bit sore of course but nothing more than what you'd expect after some serious exercise. Before hitting the shower I took some pictures of the stylish bandages and band aids, just to give you an idea of how truly unflattering it all is (especially the diaper like massive underpants they put me in!) I'd leaked blood stained saline solution through the dressings on one thigh, but it'd only just stained the garment and hadn't gone through to the bedsheets.

Because my breasts didn't need a binder or a sportsbra they were the only parts for which I could really get an idea of the final result. The band aids were holding up well, some were dry, some had just soaked up fluid while others looked like some fat had leaked out too. I wasn't actually given extras of these to replace, so I ended up cutting up some of the sheets of absorbent dressing I'd been given into little squares and fastening them with regular brown first aid tape. The size was about what I'd expected, not too big but just a slightly larger version of the shape I had. They are of course a bit swollen still, and with an estimated 90% survival rate of the injected fat they will end up a bit smaller than in these pictures. I'm hoping for a nice B cup this time, and the option to repeat this procedure in a few months time should I wish to increase by a bit more.

I'd been warned that taking the dressings off the first time to take a shower could make me feel a bit woozy, and sure enough I did have to do it in stages, taking breaks to lie down and drink some water as I peeled off section by section. The stifled blood flow suddenly being released made me feel a bit nauseous and as if I was about to faint, so I was glad I knew what to expect and how to deal with it.
Once out of the wrapping I was just thrilled to bits to see the first glimpses of my new shape, I felt a bit as if I was a drawing and someone had just taken an eraser to my outline. In fact, prior to the surgery I'd printed off the 'before' pictures and shaded out the areas I hoped would be reduced by the lipo, trying to get a realistic idea of what I'd look like based on what I'd seen possible in other people's before/after pictures. I thing doing that exercise was really useful in giving myself a realistic idea of what to expect. When dreaming of a new body it's easy to imagine something a bit more goddess like than what your starting point might allow, but  I was pleased that what I saw in the mirror was not too dissimilar to what I'd drawn up on paper. The procedure wouldn't turn me into some supermodel sylph with legs for miles and airbrushed, zero-cellulite skin, it would just make me into an adjusted version of little ol' me. And I was perfectly happy with that!

Still, I couldn't quite believe the change was real. I felt as if I had hit the 'reset' button on my body, starting over, from a better place than what my genes had ever offered me. In spite of the bruises, puncture holes and the marks from tight bandages and elastics, I suddenly felt as if from now on, for the first time in my life when I take my clothes off in front of a partner, I won't feel like I have to say 'I'm sorry.'

Morning after

Morning after
Morning after
Morning after
I threw the support garment in the wash while I took a quick shower, and while waiting for it to dry (a hairdryer made that a quick job) I took these pictures. Then I wrapped myself up in bandages again and wondered what to do with the rest of my day. Apart from being restricted in movement with the corset, I felt absolutely fine. The soreness was manageable and the pain killers were at hand if I needed them, but mostly I just relaxed, watched movies and napped while the cat kept me company.

Wednesday Day 2, and most of the puncture sites had stopped leaking. There were two bruises on each thigh (one big one as you see in the pictures and one smaller one just above that emerged a bit slower) around holes that were still releasing the fluids the doctor pumped in, and two of the adits on my breasts were still leaking a bit. I'd forgotten that the brown first aid tape I used for my homemade band aids for my breast adits would react badly with my skin, causing patches of red, dry skin to appear. I'll get pictures of this soon, it's happened before so I know they'll be red for days and eventually start flaking like a sunburn. It's no big deal just unnecessary and a little unsightly, so I replaced them with some micropore tape which should let my skin breathe normally.

I tried putting on one of my regular padded bras that I'd normally never be seen without, and they looked ridiculous trying to fit around the extra volume I now had. I went on ASOS and bought some really nice lacy, non-padded bras in a B cup, a first for both! My bruising was getting darker as I'd expected, but a lot of the puncture sites were healing up nicely and I feel pretty good about not ending up with too visible scars. I'd slept well in spite of still having to sleep on my back, and around midday I almost caved and went to work cause I was so bored being stuck at home! But I sat tight thinking I better wait and not overdo it till I wasn't leaking fluids anymore, knowing that my team at work would be absolutely fine without me!

Thursday and Day 3, finally back to work! Other than a continuing soreness as I sat down or got up, I could do absolutely everything as normal. My job, while not strenuous, does involve moving, lifting and carrying a lot and it was great to be able to get rid of some pent up energy after two days on the couch! My new bras arrived and they fit beautifully, and for the first time ever I felt as if I could go out in public with no gel inserts or padding up to the hills, and still feel womanly and sexy. That night I could sleep a bit on my sides without it being too painful. Actually, my breasts felt fine now and I could sleep on my front, but for some reason I felt like I have to be careful with them and not squash them too much yet!

Friday Day 4 was much the same, the final incision sites stopped leaking and I could put on the support garment without worrying about pulling band aids out of place. I went and got some arnica cream thinking I might have a go at seeing if I could get the bruising to let off sooner, as well as to prepare my skin for the next surgery. I don't know if it will help, but I figure it won't hurt. I might get some arnica tablets too, as people seem to recommend these pre and post surgery for both swelling and bruising. I had so much fun last night trying on some lingerie that I'd bought and some that had been hidden in the back of my drawers waiting for more confident days. Suspenders and stockings now look rather sexy rather than bulgy and a bit gross, and while my breasts have definitely settled a bit and lost some of the swelling, they still feel bigger and firmer and I'm so, so pleased. I'll do another round of pictures tomorrow to give you an idea of how the bruises and adits are coming along!

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